Welcome to Lab Peptides!

About Us (well.. me)

Hello, my name is Si and I am the founder and 100% owner of the Lab Peptides brand (www.labpeptides.org / www.peptidelab.eu).

I started this business in August 2012 as I knew that I could offer something better than was already available.

The industry was full of misinformation, scam sellers and websites, low-quality products, and downright lies.

At the heart of it all, is a product which is nothing short of amazing. Melanotan 2.

I have sold 20,000+ vials to more than 5,000+ customers. Am I the biggest supplier in the UK, Europe or beyond? I don't know to be honest. It is an industry shrouded in secrecy and factual statistics are near impossible to obtain.

What I do know, is that my products are the absolute best that can be produced. Each product batch is quality tested and only those confirmed as grade-A make it anywhere near my supply.

The business has had its difficulties. What business doesn't? Ranging from unscrupulous business partners, delivery delays, regulatory restrictions, it has been through a lot. But it's still here, and here it will stay.

I have a simple pricing model: product cost + shipping cost + packaging + overheads + a fair profit = selling price. When I'm feeling generous I occassionally cut into my profit and send out promo codes, so don't forget to join the mailing list.

Can you buy these products cheaper elsewhere? Probably. But the expression "you get what you pay for" has never been truer. And for this type of product, compromises on quality should never be made.

I truly appreciate every one of you, and every order that you place. If you a repeat customer, even more so. This is not some big corporation, but a small and incredibly focussed organisation.

To all of you, from all of me - Thank you!