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Usage Instructions

How to Mix a Peptide for Subcutaneous Use

 1. Gather your mixing supplies:

Peptide Vial

Mixing Solution


Alcohol Wipe

2. Flip the plastic cap off the peptide vial with your thumb.

3. Beneath the plastic cap is a rubber stopper. Wipe the exposed surface of the rubber stopper with the alcohol wipe.

4. Snap the cap off the mixing solution.

5. Insert the syringe into the mixing solution and withdraw the appropriate amount. Generally, 1ml (100 units) is best.

6. Push the syringe into the middle of the rubber stopper at the top of the peptide vial and depress the plunger so that the mixing solution enters the vial. Try to aim the mixing solution at the inner wall of the peptide vial instead of directly onto the peptide powder.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, if required.

8. Wait for the peptide powder to fully dissolve. A gentle swirl may prove useful, but do not shake the vial.

9. Your peptide is now ready for use! Keep it in the refrigerator.

How to Administer Subcutaneous Injection

1. Gather your injecting supplies:


Peptide Vial


Alcohol Wipe

2. Choose the location for injection. Generally, the stomach area is best.

3. Wipe the exposed surface of the peptide vial rubber stopper with the alcohol wipe and wipe the injection location.

4. Hold the peptide vial upside down and withdraw your required dose of solution. Be sure that there is no trapped air inside the syringe. If there is, hold the needle upwards, flick the syringe barrel to get any air to the top and then lightly press the plunger until the peptide solution is at the top of the syringe and all air is gone.

5. Gently pinch a fold of skin at your injection location and slowly insert the syringe needle all the way into the layer of fat.

6. Slowly depress the syringe plunger until all solution is injected and hold for a few seconds before removing the needle.

7. Dispose of the syringe safely and place any remaining peptide back in the refrigerator.

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