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Temperature Controlled Packaging

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Temperature Controlled Packaging
Temperature controlled packaging to prevent any damage to the quality of your peptides!


Peptides are fragile products are are susceptible to heat damage. From the moment they are manufactured they are immediately freeze-dried and then stored within medical freezers within our storage. When they are sent and arrive with you, we recommend that they are stored either in the fridge, or for longer term storage, in the freezer. This is to avoid as little heat damage to the product as possible.

But there has always been a weak-link in this process and that is between the time that an order leaves us, and when it arrives with you. We are unable to control the temperature of the package, and where or how it will be stored, and for how long. This is especially problematic during summer months, but ideally we want to avoid the peptides even getting to room temperature if possible. The absolute worst outcome is the order being stored in a hot Royal Mail van, or a stuffy warehouse sorting area. This could damage your product and make it less effective. We want you to achieve the best results possible from our products, and now we can increase the chances of this.

Dedicated temperature controlled distribution is VERY expensive, and would often cost more than the product itself. Well now we have devised a solution that is just as effective but a lot more affordable.

With this option, we will ship your order in temperature controlled packaging, which comprises an insulated envelope and a gel ice pad. When your order is sent the ice pad is frozen and keeps the temperature inside the envelope very cool.

Your order will be sent in:

1 x "Therma Pack" Insulated Envelope, containing;

1 x "CoolaGel" Ice Pad

Benefits of the Insulated Envelope

  • Reflects heat away from the package to prevent the internal temperature from rising and degrading the quality of your product. These envelopes are so effective, that it is the same as storing your product in an ice box, but much smaller (it is just 4mm thick).
  • Made from true aluminium foil (not cheap polymer foil) to reflect 98% of radiant heat.
  • Specially designed for the storage and transportation of perishable goods that are susceptible to heat damage (e.g. pharmaceuticals).
  • Moisture protection.
  • Puncture resistant, less risk of loss or damage, better privacy.
  • The aluminium is thin enough to not show on x-ray scanners, avoiding any unwanted attention at customs (important for overseas orders).

Benefits of the Ice Pad

  • Keeps the contents of your order colder for longer.
  • Leak resistant
  • Sterile
  • Reusable

And all manufactured in the UK!